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25 Funny Pictures That Would Make You Laugh Out Loud

Hello! How are you doing? Let's get down to some episodes of rib-cracking jokes and memes. Everyone loves the sense of humor and I would be glad if these few jokes and memes can brighten up your day and make you laugh out so loud.

There are different things that can give rise to laughter. Comic jokes and funny memes have been doing this job for years and it is still doing great things. Little do you know that these memes and comics are from the imaginative ideas of some few talented people who take the matter of making other people happy seriously. Let's start the game.

1. My first achievement. It's not easy to be a man

2. fear women, I repeat fear women.

3. on top wetin na!! Can't I price the bride price again? How much is baby mama, please.

4. Legends come forward.

5. The Beginning of Wisdom

6. Is it by force to slay!

7. Instant deaf and dumb

When you are afraid of dogs but can't hold on again

Just kill me

Legends come for a forward match

Niger why?

Wetin Musa no go see for the gate?

Biggest savage ever

Bitter truth

Hahahaha. I can't laugh oo!

Please answer this

One man down, should I call for cover. Alpha team is you ready. I repeat one man down, do you copy.

This was the event the atomic bomb was invented. Who does that?

Only legends can cooperate

Which one knocked you most? I hope your day was brightened with this. Thanks for viewing.

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Beginning of Wisdom Wetin Musa


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