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This Little Boy Was Born Without Hands And Legs Yet, He Plays Video Games.

I always tell people that in whatever situation or circumstance they find themselves, they should always give thanks. 

Develop the habit of being thankful to God.

While you are complaining of how fat your arms or hands are, there is someone out there wishing that he/she was born with hands.

While you complain of how fat your legs are or how slim they are, remember that some people were born without legs.

Well... Tiyo Satriyo was born without limbs which means that he was neither born with legs nor arms.

Tiyo Satriyo is 11 years of age and he is from West Java in Indonesia.

He is a child that can be described as a video game addict.

His mum's name is Mimi and she said that Tiyo likes playing after taking a bath until he is picked up by his teacher. She also added that he plays every single day.

Tiyo has no arms and so, he has learnt to write by holding a pen in his mouth.

Isn't this little boy so adorable?

In conclusion, I would like to remind you all to always remain grateful to God.

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