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Please Do Not Play This Game If You Are Not Up To 18

Games are activity that one engages in or play for amusement or fun.

However they are some games that are not just made for any age. Some are made for those above 18 years and Summertime Saga takes the number 1 spot on the list.

Summertime Saga is a video game for people above 18 years. The game contains 18+ scenes that are inappropriate to audience below 18 years.

In this century, alot of kids own a phone which they use to explore the internet, they go to site they are not meant to be in, visit and watch 18+ scenes which isn't good. So please if you are a parent or a guardian reading this post I advise you watch your kids phone to ensure they don't have this game. Do not invade their privacy but do what you ought to do as a parent or guardian.

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Summertime Saga


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