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How to download and play PPSSPP games on Android.

How to download and play PPSSPP games on Android.

For a very long time since the introduction of PPSSPP Emulator, many people still find it somehow difficult to download PPSSPP games.

Even when some tried to download PPSSPP games and they successfully did, they still find it difficult to play the game due to some omitted processes. Processes like:

1. Extracting or unzipping a zip file.

2. Downloading the appropriate file manager (ZArchiver).

So we are going to learn today how to download and successfully play PPSSPP games on our Android phones.

PPSSPP Emulator:

Before you can play any PPSSPP game on your Android phone you first of all, need an Emulator called: PPSSPP Emulator. With this emulator you can play any PPSSPP games on your Android phone.

How to download: to download the ppsspp emulator app go to your play store and input "PPSSPP app" then search you will see list of various apps that also emulates the PPSSPP, but be sure to download the specific PPSSPP app to play the PPSSPP games with ease.

A picture of the real PPSSPP Emulator app.


Now the next step is to download the app used in extracting zip files which are also the games.

Open your play store and search for it.

Now after downloading the app, install it then you good to go!

Downloading PPSSPP games:

After you have successfully installed the PPSSPP app the next step is to download PPSSPP games on your Android phone.

Open your browser prefably Opera mini for faster download. Then input the name of the game you want to download then attach "PPSSPP" for example "God of war ghost of Sparta PPSSPP" .

Take note of the "PPSSPP" attached at the end, after that click your search button to search for the game.

You will see different websites from which you can download the game, select any one of your choice.

Be warned, not all links to downloading PPSSPP games are correct, some links are down, so if you have a problem with one link kindly try another link.

But if you want to save yourself some stress you can download PPSSPP games faster from accurate trusted websites like "Romsmania", to do this you just need to attach the name of the website after the "PPSSPP" so it will be like this " God of war ghost of Sparta PPSSPP Romsmania" this will give you a faster way to download the game from the website.

Extracting the game:

Yeah! This is where the app Zarchiver comes to play. Open the app (Zarchiver) then click on your downloads folder you will see the game that you just downloaded.

Note: all ppsspp games downloaded are mainly in ZIP form.

so after downloading any PPSSPP game you need to unzip or extract the game.

Now after you have open your downloads folder using the Zarchiver app, find the game then click on it, select extract and wait till the app extract or unzip the file(game).

After extracting the game you are now ready to play it.

How to play PPSSPP games:

Now after extraction open your PPSSPP Emulator app then click on games,. Move to your downloads folder you will see the game there.

As simple as that you are now ready and able to play PPSSPP games.

Hope this article was helpful

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