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See How These 'Photoshop gods' Deceived Us That They Was Super Men!

Photoshop is an App that is owned by The Adobe Corporation. Over the years, the App has been used to edit and manipulate photos into what the editor wants them to look like.

However, some people have become quite good with the app that whatever they edit now looks so real that you wouldn't believe they were edited.

On today's episode to 'photoshopped photos', I'm about to show you a perfectly edited photo of two boys thinking they are super heroes!

See photo below:

Just to clear the air, this photo is not real! These guys do not have the ability to suspend themselves on air long enough to be captured by camera.

The perfectly edited photo also gets a thumbs up from me because of another major reason.

The shadow!

These guys were smart enough to include their shadows in the edited picture. Such Brilliance!

No doubt, this picture made these guys look like actual super heroes.

Let me know what you think of this photo!

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