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Full Meaning Of MAN And Other Acronyms We Use Everyday

Some people don't know the full meaning of MAN which is why I used this privilege to show you the meaning.

Read carefully and make screenshots as you are reading

Below are some acronyms of 'MAN" and what they stand for:

1. Full meaning of "MAN"

MAN: Manual

MAN: Metropolitan Area Network

MAN: Management

MAN: Mandarin (language)

MAN: Manitoba

MAN: Maneuverable

MAN: Manifold

MAN: Massive Assault Network (online war game)

MAN: Military Analysis Network

MAN: Maleic Anhydride

MAN: Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (est. 1971)

MAN: Model Airplane News (magazine; Air Age Media)

MAN: Modern Art Notes

MAN: Mobile Armor (Newtype; Gundam gaming)

MAN: Multi Access Network

MAN: Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nurnberg

MAN: Manager

MAN: Management Network

MAN: Media Awareness Network (Canada)

MAN: Metropolitan Access Network

MAN: Mandatory Modification

MAN: Municipal Area Network

MAN: New Antilles Movement (Netherlands Antilles)

MAN: Mandatory Value

MAN: Master of Arts in Nursing (degree program)

MAN: Multi access Network

MAN: Medical Auxiliary Network

MAN: Mount Arthur North (Australian coal mine)

MAN: Money, Authority, Need (marketing)

MAN: Miscellaneous Account Number

MAN: Microwave Aerospace Navigation

MAN: Multi Area Network

MAN: Men Against Nonsense (website)

MAN: Military Aviation Notice

2. Full meaning of "WOMAN"

Below are some Acronym and meaning of "WOMAN"

WOMAN: World Organization of Mothers of All Nations

WOMAN: Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)

WOMAN: World Organization for Mutual Afghan Network (Afghanistan)

Which of this meanings and acronyms do you like please share with us in the comments section below!

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MAN Mandarin Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Military Analysis Network MAN Model Airplane News


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