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How to CONNECT PPSSPP PES 2020 (Multiplayer mode)

How to Connect PPSSPP PES 2020 (Multiplayer mode).

As gamers we always love playing against one another. There is the great feeling when you are playing four-zero (4-0) against your friend. But many of us don't know how to Connect PPSSPP games, so that is what this article is going to be about. So let's get started!

PPSSPP Network Settings:

Before you can connect two phones to play any ppsspp multiplaying game you must first SET your PPSSPP networks settings correctly. Without that, it is impossible to connect with friends. So lets begin.

Open the ppsspp app then click on settings then select Network Settings. Move to the right hand side of your screen, enable or check (✅)the following:

1. Enable WLAN.

2. Enable Send Discord Rich presence information.

3. Enable Built-in Pro adhoc server.

4. Change your IP address to

5. Change Port offset to 5000.

Well done! We're done with the network settings. Here is a picture of how it's suppose to be.

Hotspot and WIFI:

Now connect both phones wirelessly using hotspot and WIFI, be sure to know whose phone is using hotspot and whose is using WiFi.

Open The Game:

After you have successfully completed the Network Settings and have connected both phones, open the game (PES 2020) then proceed:

1. Select Normal March.

2. Select Adhoc

3. Select make room in the first phone (the phone whose hotspot is on).

4. Select search room in the other phone.

Now the player that made a room will be displayed in the Search room(the second phone) then the searcher will then click on the name of the player that made room.

That's it!! You have successfully completed the connection.

Hope the article was helpful.

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