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OPERA NEWS HUB: Are you a News Hub Creator? These are the Types of Creators on Opera News Hub

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First, who is an Opera News Hub creator?

An Opera news hub creator is a verified writer on the platform. You can only write and submit an article when you become one after being verified by its admin.

Types of Opera News Hub Creators

A creator is a person who has made or invented a particular thing. That is why on Opera News Hub, you can only go a long way as a Creator by coming up with your own articles and not by plagiarism i.e act of copying other peoples ideas, words or work.

1. Determined Creators: These are the Creators that are never discouraged by the conditions they find themselves on the platform. For instt, these creators press on with writing more articles even after seeing most of their articles rejected.

2. Workaholic Creators: Those who work tiredlessly day and night falls under this category.

3. Quality based Creators: These creators doesn't write to fulfill the daily limit of five articles rather they write two or three articles that they are sure will bring in the expected clicks.

4. Weary Creators: These are Creators they easily wears out as a result of rejected articles.

5. Pessimistic creators: Trust me you will surely have this type of Creators here. They are the ones that are not optimistic of what they are doing, they're being driven by the act of pessimism, always thinking that they cannot reach 100,000 clicks. Never! You will hear them say something like: That is not possible! They even try to discourage other creators.

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