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Check Out Photos Of Those Articles That Made The 90s Memorable.

Only Nigerian legends will relate to the images above. That was when life was fair to us in Nigeria, now everything has fallen apart, indomie generation will not understand how life was back then. How we suffer to watch television from our neighbors window, or through holes in the door.

How we played naked in the streets and do all sort of funny things at then, today indomie generation tends to form a big, little girls now know what is bad and good, at our time, we know nothing, like we were in the "Stone age".

Just view this pictures and reflect back to your past, reminisce a little back to the past and see how incredible it was, how ancient things has become, and also how time flies just in a twinkle of an eye.

See photos below.Some of you back then used this radio as Fm and also as a torch light.This was how the room of Nigerian big boy looks like far back, any girl would want to sleep over in this type of room that has everything. Check out his Sega game: that was their own Play Station. His television, speaker etc

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