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GTA San Andreas: 23 Things You Never Knew About the Video Game

Ohh the love of GTA is the beginning of gaming, if you call yourself a game and you have never played any of the GTA series you should be ashamed of yourself for using such word.

GTA San Andreas is one of the greatest video game ever made. I certainly have nothing profound to say than that.

One thing that makes the game so great is that it does not get repetitive at all, and it is quite long and you always feel like you are in control. You can literally make it to be any game that you want to, because there is so much things to do and so much to see. It has one of the most captivating story of all of the GTA series, for its just like a movie, there are arcade style' actions, there are numerous puzzles to solve and you be able to think on your feet. 

 I know I played GTA 3 briefly and had a lot of fun. But believe me my dear once you play San Andreas you realize that rockstar has finally lived well past expectations of gamers. 

Now below we will be looking at some various things you never knew about the video game:

1. Samuel L Jackson was the voice behind the character Frank Tenpenny, now you remember all amount of the f word he used.

2. The game engine used for the development of the game San Andreas, is RenderWare

3. When playing the game GTA: San Andreas, the city of San Fierro shows various signs of a recent earthquake. You can see the roads crack and various division on it

4. Every city in the game was based on real life locations. Las Venturas is based on Las Vegas, San Fierro is based on San Francisco and Los Santos is based on Los Angeles.

5. The highest mountain in the game world is Mount Chilliad, and it is 800 m high.

6. More than 27.5 million copies of the game have been sold till date, which makes it one of the highest sold game in the PS2 era

7. The Area 69 in the game is based on the real life controversial place called Area-51

8. There are over 200 different types of vehicles in the game .

9. The voice actor of the main character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was found by pure luck. The producers of the game overheard the Rapper Young Maylay when they were speaking with a musician about the game’s score. Then the producers immediately knew that Maylay had the right voice for the character and CJ was born.

10. It was the first and only game in the series to include role-playing elements, which meant the main character’s need to eat in order to survive. Furthermore the player can make the character work out in order to gain strength and musle mass. This element of the game was met with many critics, and as a result, This then made Rockstar drop the idea in future Grand Theft Auto games.














Now I know you are remembering that awesome game now as you just read through it, lol did you remember how many innocent cops you killed in the game?.

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