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Are You a Genius? Solve This!! Who is the Billionaire in this Photo [Only For Geniuses]

If certainly you are a genius then you should be able to solve one if not all puzzle pieces and photos you find anywhere.

You don't need to get confused when solving a puzzle photo, just focus on the photo, notice, observe, study every inch and figures in the photo.

Now, below you will see that there are six puzzle photos below, all you need to do is supply the correct answers to each puzzle photos, prove that you are a pure genius.

Question one: who is the thief?

Question two: Which Prisoner is Rich?

Question three: Who ate his fish?

Question four: who killed his wife?

Question five: who is the billionaire?

Question six: who is not a killer?

Do well to drop your questions below, also drop your answers.

All comments be dropped in the comment section below.

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Are Genius


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