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If you watch these nine cartoon animations and sitcoms, it shows that you are old!!

Have you sat down with some of your friends having a gist of numerous cartoon animations and sitcoms you've watched on TV and can remember quickly at the snap of fingers, laughing hard at how you'd enjoy them and perhaps at how old you have become?

What comes to mind when you think of your favourite TV shows? The catchy phrase, an unforgettable character, an hilarious moment or perhaps episodes you only watched without understanding a bit of the dialogue?

If its any of those, then let's roll for a trip down memory lane as we have a look at nine of television's best cartoons and sitcoms.

1. Dodo, The kid from Outer space!

Dodo, an extraterrestrial humanoid from Hena Hydro Planet with propellers on his heels and antennas on his ears alongside Compy the computer bird, Professor Fingers was enough to make us open our mouth agape while sitting by the TV.

2. Johnny Bravo!

Young, muscular mama's boy, Johnny Bravo has a penchant for always asking ladies out on a date albeit unsuccessful on most occasions. Johnny character endeared him to us with his sunglasses, comb and his regular slogan "I am Johnny Bravo, the one - man army!" "Wanna see me comb my hair really fast?" and of course "Oh mama!"

3. Magic School Bus!

If you watched this one, you should be in your 30's by now or older! Ms Frizzle and her students always embarking on field trips to learn one or few things about science, surely in their magical school bus.

4. Super Ted!

Defective teddy bear brought to life by Spotty. The adventure of Super Ted and Spotty saw then travel round the universe offering assistance to people in trouble as well as fighting the dark forces led by Texas Pete and Skeleton.

5. The Chuckle hounds!

Two brothers dressed up in giant dog costumes performed different routines notably without dialogues. Always at loggerheads with one another or one of them being mischievous, It was perfect as it led to us creating an understanding of our own by observation without necessarily needing any script.

6. Rentaghost!

This one is one of my favourite though I didn't quite understand the British accent of Fred Mumford, Timothy Claypole nor Hubert Davenport, we watched basically because of the appearing and disappearing act by merely touching or squeezing of their noses.

7. Telematch!

German TV programme, shown on Saturdays or Sundays (can't be so sure again) pairs two teams against each other where they compete in several games wearing awkward costumes to ensure staggered or irregular movements. Each match is timed and the team with most point wins.

8. Dennis the menace!

I had the opportunity of watching both the animated and real life series of this one. Oh, Dennis an adventurous and mischievous boy considered a menace by the entire neighborhood has a way of wrecking havoc on his favourite neighbour Mr Wilson!!

9. Sledge Hammer!

With signature theme song, this tough talking, dark shade wearing detective who has a way of doing things in a forceful manner than expected made it a must watch. Sledge Hammer favourite statement 'trust me, I know what I'm doing' was the catchy phrase on our lips. In fairness, it was arguably one of the funniest and most notorious crime series on TV then.

If you watched all these programmes and many more that agonizingly I can't profile here, 'Bros" and "Sis" I hail o!

Please feel free to like, share, critique and comment!

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