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You should see the beautiful PlayStation 5 console that has finally been revealed.

The Playstation 5 was finally revealed yesterday and it didn’t disappoint.

The PS5 has two white panels sandwiching a black body. It looks like something from the future complete with blue lights that’s designed to glow against the white panels. 

"We wanted to do something that was bold and daring almost," said Sony's PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan in an interview with CNET following the company's reveal Thursday.

Two versions were revealed; the digital version which has no disk drive while the normal version has the disk drive. 

The digital version was made as an option due to more games being streamed and downloaded these days compared to before but the disk version offers more in terms of backward compatibility with old games from Playstation 4. 

Other than that, they’re identical products in terms of power and design.

Apart from the reveal of the console itself, several games were also showcased for people to see the advanced technology Playstation has to offer in terms of graphics, gameplay and speed. 

Some of the games include Marvel Spider man: Miles Morales, Horizon forbidden west which are sequels to their predecessors on the PlayStation 4. 

Other games expected are Pragmata from Capcom, Returnal, Hitman 3 and also a remastered Grand Theft Auto 5. 

Though the black and white version will be the launch color combination, we might get an all black version later in the future. 

The price of the PlayStation 5 has not been revealed. This is due to global economic recession around the world which has forced some businesses to close down. 

We should expect a price though by September when it’s officially launched. 

What do you think about the PlayStation 5 designs? 

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