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EXPOSED: Why GTA V Will Never Come To Smartphones

Having wisdom but not sharing with ur fellow man makes it worthless. Today I'm sharing that wisdom with you so you can remove your minds from highh hopes.

Here's why GTA V might never make it to Mobile:


From the header above many might say they already get what I'm about to say just might not.

When talking about specs, my time in playing with Nigerian gamers has shown me many limit the categories to RAM and processors. While these are important,they aren't all the factors.

GTA is a graphics heavy game. This means it needs a dedicated GPU to run at it's optimal status.

Dedicated GPUs are something Mobile lacks for now so running GTA V, even with a snapdragon 835+ isn't going to cut it.


If you've played any Rockstar game, then you'll agree that the level of detail in their games are surreal.

That's because of the amount of time they put into making a game.

Remastering GTA V for mobile is just something Rockstar doesn't have time for as making a standard GTA title takes between 5-7 years


Rockstar might succeed with this but it's highly unlikely.

San Andreas was hands down bad to control on a touchscreen.

Missions in GTA V need precision, speed and timing to beat. Having horrible controls can make playing the game a nightmare


Nothing much to say here. I can't imagine playing GTA online on the specs of today's phones.Finish.


Sure we have 5000mAh batteries now but trust me, GTA V is energy intensive and constantly having to check battery levels can be a drag.

Imagine driving from Los Santos to Blaine County and losing 30% battery life


Ok... Let's imagine Samsung, Huawei, or xiaomi manage to create a phone that can cope with the game. Like a phone with:

8gb RAM

128gb ROM

6000mAh battery

Nvidia GTX GPU

I believe a phone of these specs would be priced around 200$-2000$ which is already more than enough to buy a PS4.

Now tell me how many people will be willing to buy such a phone.

Maybe 30k people. How many will download GTA maybe 5k. So in the end is it really worth it for Rockstar.

Do You Agree?

Do you want to start a fight or argument?

Or do you just want to be heard?

As always leave your comments in the comments section. I really care about your opinions and correct me on any fact if I'm wrong.

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