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Opinion: The New Credit Score System Will Help You Become A Better Writer.

Hi guys, welcome back.

In today's article I'll be sharing my opinion on the credit score system. You can also share your opinions via the comment section.

There has been recent development on the opera news hub platform, which includes the introduction of a credit score system, and activation of the monetization section, which which is still undergoing development.

These new developments has drawn a lot of reactions from various writers on the platform, and so I decided to share my opinion on the new development.

Personally, I think the new development will help a lot of us become better writers.

Here's a few reasons why I think the system will help you become a better writer:

• Credit score reduction on rejection

According to Opera News Hub Academy, whenever you violate a rule on the platform your account's credit score is reduced. The rate of reduction depends on the type of rejection.

Here's a screenshot from the post by OperaNewsHubAcademy

With this new system, I feel writers will become more cautious when creating an article, knowing that their credit score would be reduced whenever they earn a rejection on their article.

• Suspension/Ban

According to the new development, reduced credit score can lead to suspension or total ban from the platform, as stated by the Opera News Hub Academy. Screenshot below:

This, I feel would push each writer to go the extra mile of proper research and findings, when creating an article, bearing in mind that their account would be suspended when their credit score falls below 60, and eventually get banned when their credit score reaches zero.

Personally, I think this is a really nice development, let us know what you think via the comment section.



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