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Nigerian Guy Spends 2 Million Naira On His Gaming Set Up

Every gaming enthusiast wants to create the ideal battle station that leets them make the most out of their gaming experience, but, unfortunately, many have no idea where to start. Color-capable LED lights are the perfect way to create a next-level gaming experience without redecorating the entire room.

But what is trending is A Nigerian that spent over 2million Naira on his gamin set up, which Caught people by surprise the trending video on YouTube and facebook, though we don't blame him because he is a game streamer but still 2milllion Naira on a gaming step up is quite alot,he called himself ladies HD.

In his video he spoke about the expensive coloured mouses and keyboard, and 💻 PC that he bought with the very wide screen as you can see below

Guys seriously what's your view about this comment below, talking about a nice gaming set up 👇


Use different kinds of lights placed in different areas of the room to amp up the ambiance while you game — or set them to react to your on-screen actions to immerse yourself into your next quest or battle. Use these tips and tricks to fully customize your PC gaming setup and enjoy your characters like never before.

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