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Poverty is a disease: See photos of a masquerade predicting virtual game, in a betting shop.

This incident happened early hours of today in my home town, ogoja, cross river state, where a masquerade walk into a betting shop and was predicting virtual game. I have never seen a thing like this in my entire life.

The level of hardship and unemployment is becoming something else in nigeria, people these day can do anything to survive.

In africa masquerades play a central role in many cultures in western and central Africa. They are less common in northern, eastern, and southern Africa, although they occur among a few groups in these regions. Several BERBER groups in Morocco, for example, hold masquerades in connection with Muslim festivals. The Chewa people of rural Malawi hold ceremonies with individuals wearing spirit masks when a new village headman takes office.

People in many societies believe that spirits become visible and perform through masquerades. Groups such as the YORUBA of Nigeria and the Chokwe of Congo (Kinshasa) hold masquerades in which ancestral spirits appear. The Dan of Ivory Coast and the Ibo of Nigeria believe that the spirits of the forest act out masquerades. Powerful water spirits perform during yearly masquerades in other Nigerian communities.

So for a masquerade to walk into a betting shop to play virtual game is inappropriate.

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