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Remarkable Facts About The New PlayStation 5

PlayStation will continue its focus on major blockbusters coming exclusively to the platform, with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon 2: Forbidden West and more already being confirmed.

Obviously it isn’t all about the games, and PS 5 will boast some generous hardware upgrades, too. It will house an improved GPU, increased overall memory and an SSD which will allow for larger, more ambitious worlds and faster load times. Let’s not forget visual effects like ray tracing, either.

PS 5 at a glance

The PS 5 will launch in the later months of 2020 and will come in two versions: a regular PS 5 and a PS 5 Digital Edition. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank: Drift Apart and Horizon: Forbidden West are just some of the many new games confirmed for the PS 5. Confirmed features include improved loading times, 8K resolution and ray tracing. Most of the top 100 PS 4 games will be playable on the PS 5. Price is yet to be confirmed

PS 5 release date

When is the PlayStation 5 coming out?

The PS 5 will launch at the latter end of 2020. While Sony hasn’t provided a specific release date yet, we imagine the PS 5 will land in November, ensuring the console is comfortably in the homes of players ahead of the Christmas period.

PS 5 console

What does the PS 5 and PS 5 Digital Edition look like?

The PS 5 looks unique, with futuristic curves and a general look that’s very different to the subtle PS 4. There will be a digital-only version of the console which lacks a disk drive, as well as a potentially more expensive standard version with a 4K Blu-Ray player. PS 5 will feature both a USB-A and USB-C port, which means it should support old peripherals as well as looking into the future with new technology.

PS5 Games

What games have been announced?

A number of new PS 5 games were confirmed during the official reveal event. You can see the list below:

Horizon Forbidden West

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Demon’s Souls Remake

Hitman 3

Resident Evil 8: Village

NBA 2K21

Others include: God fall, Odd world: Soul storm, Death loop, Sack boy: A Big Adventure, Ghost wire Tokyo

PS 5 backwards compatibility

Will it play all my old games?

The PS 5 is confirmed to feature backwards compatibility, as Mark Cerny (PS 5 system architect) said, “PS 4 graphics engines will run just fine on PlayStation 5”. A Legacy Mode was revealed for the PS 5, which would allow developers to create PS 4 titles for the next-gen console without losing any functionality. Those PS 4 games will supposedly run at boosted frequencies, which could potentially result in improved visuals and performance.

PlayStation did suggest only the “top 100 PS 4 games” will be supported by the PS 5 at launch though, with more expected to receive the required patches at a later point. It remains unknown whether PS 5 will adopt a “Smart Delivery” system like Xbox Series X. This feature provides players with a free upgrade to next-gen versions of existing titles, saving them a bunch of money in the process.

PS 5 controller

Here’s our first look at the Dual Sense controller. The Dual Sense controller sure is an eye-catching bit of kit and the immediate reaction suggests it could be a Mar-mite of a device. There’s a lot to dig into when it comes to the little tweaks across the new Dual Sense (RIP Dual-shock 5).

Take a closer look and the new face buttons may get your attention. The new design looks set to ditch the colors we’ve become so familiar with and go for a muted look as well as a transparent/translucent design for the buttons as a whole.

Elsewhere on the front of the device is the new Create and Options button. Options keeps its name but gets a new logo – replacing the text. While Share has become Create, represented by three fanned out lines. We don’t yet know what the change from Share to Create means but Sony has said it will allow for new ways to “create epic game play content to share with the world.”

On the black area of the face of the controller, we have the signature analog sticks and a new button added for Dual Sense. The analog sticks do look extremely similar to the Dual Shock 4 however there seems to be a slight differentiation in the pattern. Whether this difference means a new texture for the sticks, we don’t yet know.

The new button in between the analog sticks is for muting the microphone inside the controller. Sony says you can use the Dual Sense's mic array for chatting with friends – however, it still recommends headsets for prolonged gaming sessions.

PS 5 Virtual Reality

Will your headset and peripherals work at launch?

It has been confirmed that existing PlayStation VR headsets will work with PS 5 at launch, meaning there is currently no plans for a new iteration of the hardware to be released alongside Sony’s console.

This settles some worries while also raising a bunch of interesting questions. For example – will virtual reality experiences explicitly developed for PS 5 also work on these headsets, and will everything we need carry over?

There’s also peripherals such as the PlayStation Camera and Move controllers, both of which are essential for the use of PS VR, so will presumably be operable on the new system without any significant effort from the player. If so, we’d be delighted. If not, Sony would be best to clear things up during the console’s eventual reveal.

PS VR has now sold an impressive total of 4 million headsets, cementing it as one of the most popular forms of virtual reality on the planet. The accessibility of only needing a console and a selection of games makes it a rather appealing proposition to your average gamer. Sony is aware of that and feels like the medium has a long road ahead of it.

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