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Nice:Best three video games to play 2020

1.Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

May 20| Ubisoft | PS4, XBO, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC

Assassin's creed valhala finally utilizes one of the most requested historical themes over the years (Vikings), but that’s not the only reason it’s on our radar. 

The early word is that Valhalla will build upon the RPG elements of Odysseyin exciting new ways. If Ubisoft can pull off some of their promises, this could prove to be one of the more bountiful and entertaining games of 2020.

2.Bleeding Edge

March 24 | Ninja Theory | XBO, PC

We didn’t expect Ninja Theory’s (DmC, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice) first Xbox exclusive to be a multiplayer melee brawler, but that’s exactly what Bleeding Edge is.

Essentially a holy union between the hero-based Overwatch and the classic Dreamcast brawler Power Stone, Bleeding Edge has its heart in the right place even if some of its ideas aren’t quite there yet. We’re interested to see how this title grows over the coming months.


TBA | Nintendo | XBO, PS4, Switch, PC

Have you ever watched The Thing and wished you could play a whole game as the alien shapeshifter? That’s roughly the premise of Carrion: a reverse-horror game in which you control a (mostly) formless being as it escapes an underground research lab, punishing its doomed captors along the way.

Carrion’s “play as the creature” premise is intriguing, but the heart of the game is its solid Metroidvania gameplay, which sees you slowly build up your monster with additional ways to murder, mutilate, and dismember the unsuspecting humans. We played the game at E3 2019 and can’t wait to get our hands on it again.

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