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12 things you must do to live longer.

1. Free your heart from hatred. Free your mind from any worries. Live simply. Give more. Expect less.

2. Let go of what your life is supposed to be and embrace what your life is.

3. Enjoy your life as it is. It is all that you have. It is all that matters.

4. Look forward into the future with trust in God and trust in your dreams.

5. Know that failure is not failure until it stops your determination to keep racing. Failure is a hidden pointer to success. Every failed attempt is a closer step to success.

6. You must know that nobody is perfect so dont be so hard on yourself. Accept who you are and be grateful for the life you have.

7. Forget your pain and stay focused. Life goes on 

8. Forgive others and ask for the forgiveness of others.

9. Deal with conflicts early.

10. Dont compare yourself with others.

11. Accept others the way they are.

12. Restrain your tongue.

What other things must you do live a long life.

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