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Most Handsome Igbo Instagram Influencers

The Igbo people have always been naturally beautiful, right from time in that they are known to be light skinned which is quite rampant there than any other Tribe in Nigeria.

The Igbo's have a unique characteristics which has made them popular.

The Igbo's are very hard-working and creative.

An Igbo person can easily start a business even in the desert. The only things is that Nollywood tend to paint Igbo men with a bad light,saying they are majorly Ritualists which isn't true,ritualism is practiced generally in Nigeria. Let's leave that discussion for another day.

Here are our Top Handsome Igbo Influencers on Instagram that are making waves

1. Eronini Osinachim

Eronini the gallant,swag King has kept many girls permanently smitten.

He is a Commercial Model, Brand Influencer and YouTuber with about 64.5K followers on Instagram.

He is also in the brand shoot for Oppo Nigeria

This handsome king should probably venture into acting as a career.

#2 Kamtony

Instagram Influencer Tony is no doubt handsome,and also quite popular on Instagram.

He has about 48.7K followers on Instagram already. We hope to see more great pictures from him

3. Newton Utere

Newton is a very popular guy on Instagram,a tall athletic Basketball player, Commercial Model,Creator,Social media Influencer and Promoter.

He's also a YouTuber.

Newton has about 80.1K followers on Instagram,so by the end of the year he'll be on 100,000 followers,how cool.

4. Emeka Nwalema

Emeka is a quite funny dude,he posts funny videos on his IG , He's an Entrepreneur and Co founder of Shoeabode, an Influencer, Former Tech Guy and PS4 gamer.

He has about 44.2K followers on Instagram.

Igbo Kwenu, this guys really represent the Beauty of the Igbo people 😍

Content created and supplied by: De_Epiphany (via Opera News )

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