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How to download PES 2020 PSP game to your android.

To download this game to your android first you need two applications. Z archiver and ppsspp emulator. You can get them from play store.

The Z archiver will be used for extracting the game while the ppsspp emulator will be used for playing the game.

I will give you two links here for the game and for the textures that will convert the game to 2020 PES with latest players and club transfers.

Then after downloading the games, then extract them into the PSP folder in your files and you are good to go.

This is the link for the game,

This is the link for the textures

Then after downloading both the link and the game, open the Z archiver and allow it to have permission to your memory, then to extract the game. Inside your Z archiver, search for the download folder and when you enter there, to extract the game, long press the game and then click extract then click your phone memory , scroll down to the PSP folder and then click it. When you click the PSP folder, look at the bottom left part of your you will see a green button. Click it and the extraction process will start, when it reaches 100℅, repeat the same thing for the texture.

If what I said is confusing then click this link for the video explanation.

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