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You have been playing it wrong, here is the difference between hold on and suspension in a whot game

The game of Whot has been one of the games that have been killing boredom for many people.

The game has very simple rules, and virtually everybody can play it. It does not matter if you are educated or not, this game is appreciated and playable by everyone. While it is a game of expertise, a player often needs the combination of his expertise with luck to win.

The game has different rules and can be played by two players and above. Some numbers on the cards mean different rules, penalties or punishment for the opponent in the game. The number "2" means pick two, which mandates the opponents to "pick two" cards from the available market, and add it to his deck of cards.

The number "1" means "hold on", number "8" mean "suspension", and number "14" means general market, where all participating players are mandated to pick a card each from the available market. The point of this discussion is the number "1" and "8" which means "hold on" and "suspension" respectively.

Players often give the same meaning to these numbers, but they are different depending on the number of players in the game. If there are only two players playing the game, both numbers work the same way, because when you hold your opponents with number "1'', it means you are still going to drop another card, therefore the opponents should hold till you play.

In the same vein, when you suspend your opponent with the number "8", you automatically stop your opponent from playing next and the player after your opponent is permitted to play, but the next player to your opponents is you because you people are only two. So you will still be the player to play the next card.

However, this changes when the players in the game are 3 and above . When you hold the next player with number "1", you will still be the player to drop another card next, and not the player after your opponent, but when you drop suspension with number "8", then the player next to your opponent will be playing and not you.

So hold on permits you to play continuously, while suspension permits another player to play while suspending the player between the two of you.

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