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Is The World Going Crazy? See The 5 Strangest Weddings Ever.

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Love can be blind and can take different forms, But one can never thought it could take the forms presented here in this article. We will Examine the most weirdest marriage in world. In which human, not only married animal, but also to objects, likes walls,ground and tower"etc. Is this not schoking!. And of course, such marriages as were allowed by tradition, or within a particular culture. However, Here are five weirdest weddings in the world.

1. Man marries cat.

A said man in Germany who is a postman, had once fell in love with his black and white cat. He eventually married the cat. The bride fully dressed in white for the ceremony of the day. There was an actress who had to play the registrar after stunned officials refused to carry out the ceremony.

2. Woman who fell in love with object.

Erika La Tour Eiffel, A 37 years old former soldier, "Erika La Tour Eiffel" lives in San Francisco. She has been madly in love with objects. Eiffel Tower is the one her heart beat for, so she pledged to love, obey and honour it. After she married it . She changed her name by legal means to reflect the bonds

3. Man who married himself.

Well, This one occured 2007 in China.A man married photo of himself in a woman’s costume, with over 100 witness, friends and relatives were present

4. Japan man wed anime game character.

a Japanese man named, sal900 fell in love with Nene who lives inside a video game in November 2009. The wedding toke place at institute Tokyo instutute of technology.

5.woman married dolphil

Sharon Tendler first love was "Dolphin" love at first sight. She finally made up her mind and proposed in January 2006. apparently she became the world’s first person to “marry” a dolphin in history

Now Over to you

Do you know any other wired wedding that can be added to this list?

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