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Instead Of My Wife To Focus On Giving Birth, This Is What She Was Doing With Her Phone (Fiction)

I and my wife got married six years ago and since then, both of us have been waiting for our own child. We went for several tests at 14 different hospitals, we did all that we were asked to do but yet, we could not get a child. I and my wife were already thinking of adopting a child from the orphanage home but just few months ago, my wife became pregnant and I became very happy about it. 

Months after she conceived, we started praying to God for a safe delivery. My wife kept on telling me that I should not worry. The day of the delivery came, all she was saying before she entered into the hospital was "I am very sure that I will deliver safely, you all should not worry about me". 

I was allowed to follow her into the labour room and I saw my wife doing something that was very shocking. Instead of her to focus on giving birth, she was playing a video game on her phone while the doctors were doing their job. I said to her, "Honey, are you not supposed to be focused on giving birth now? Why are you now playing a game on your mobile phone?", she answered me saying "Don't worry, I will surely deliver my baby safe and sound".

I really liked the faith of my wife, even at the point of giving birth to our first baby, she stayed calm and was playing video games on her phone. To cut the story short, my wife gave birth to a cute bouncing baby boy. Do you think it is a good idea to have your phone with you while in a severe case like giving birth? Let me know your answers in the comments section.

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