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Show Your Skill in Solving Riddles. Easy and Challenging Riddles to be Answered.

Riddles can make you to be alert mentally. It helps you detect the real truth in a situation. It helps you to become able to think outside the box. Here are some riddles,attempt them. If you answer anyone correctly or feel you are correct, drop your answer in the comment box below. I will send in their answers through the comment section. Enjoy your day as you answer the riddles. Good luck!

#1A very good way to start being logical. A good tip to answer correctly, imagine this very scene in your head. You might answer correctly.

#2How is A related to D. What I know for certain is that they are related so find time to know how they are related.

#3Think of the road, think of the brothers. Any clues at all? Find some one to help you think wisely. Remember to think outside the box

#4This should be the simplest riddle but simple riddles are easily answered wrongly. Do not make any hasty decision on who is bigger.

#5The order is easy to determine this means the answer is not far fetched.

#6Alright, this is not a riddle. It can help you relax a bit. I hope you are relived because you don't have to tackle this one. We move on to the next when you're done

#7This is a question. Answer correctly in the comment box, I'll be waiting there.

#8The clues are everywhere. Look closely. I bet you must have seen it now

Did you attempt all the riddles? Were they challenging or engaging? Did you enjoy playing the game? If you did, why not share this article with your friends. Answers would be sent in through the comment section.

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