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PUBG - Tips you need to survive in a Battle Royale

Hi fellas!

What's up good people, how are you all doing? So happy to be back with another good content covering few tips we need to survive in a Battle Royale, better yet becoming the Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!. Nothing is more sweeter than becoming a winner, isn't it? Well enough with the talking. Here are the tips as promised.

1. Land nearby/on buildings alone (if possible):

The probability of your success lies at the very start where you choose a specific location to land on. Just remember everyone else is trying to kill you and so are you - trying to kill them - to win the Battle.

Where you need to land are buildings or the outer (geopolitical zones) parts of the map i.e begin from either the east, west, south, north, NE, NW, SE or SW of the map. Doing so would give you the upper hand to locate your opponents and wipe them out easily rather than landing in the center of the map, where you will find it harder to locate your opponents accurately because they are all coming from different directions of the map.

2. Loot first:

After a successful landing, the first thing you need to do is to loot up, make sure you have weapons in your hands in order to survive and have the ability to defend and take down your opponents as fast as possible. After having required weapons, search for armors and medic kits, they will come in handy after facing some opponents and taken some damages from their attacks. The medic kits help you recover while the armor reduces the damages taken from opponents.

3. Don't make yourself an easy and clear target:

While playing the game, try your best to limit yourself running around in the open (like a scapegoat... LOL). If you do so, that will make you a hard target to be taken down. Hiding too is a pretty good tactic, but it's not forever, at some point you need to move from a safe zone to another due to the map shrinking to a smaller area for battling. So you need to be careful while mobilising.

4. Don't shoot enemies out of range:

The biggest mistake one would make is by using a short ranged weapon (like pistol) to shoot a long ranged enemy, doing so could cause you losing or getting killed because at the moment unnoticed oppositions would know your location and take advantage to take you down. To avoid this kind of situation, use a long ranged weapons like AWM and other rifles to take down your opponents.

Let's revise:

1. Land nearby or on buildings alone or from the points of the geopolitical zones.

2. Loot up as quick as possible.

3. Don't make yourself an easy target and don't move frequently, especially in the open.

4. Don't shoot enemies out range.

I hope you all find my tips useful as you practice to put them in action to help you taste victories in your future games. If you have any additional tip please don't hesitate to share it with us and follow me for more upcoming updates. Thank you.


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Battle Royale Chicken Dinner


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