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10 Epic Movies To Watch If You Love The God Of War Games

The God of struggle games have been interesting fans of epic monster slaying since the first installment was released in 2005 and that they have only grown extra popular over time, in particular for the reason that revamping of the franchise with 2018's access.

fans of the games have observed an immediately love for his or her bloody myth violence and often-emotional adaptations of historical mythology. these 10 epic fantasy motion movies share a number of the maximum outstanding characteristics of the God of battle franchise and are best selections for gamers who have finished the video games however nevertheless need greater of its vastly magical storytelling.


King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (2017)

man Ritchie’s odd take on Arthurian legend became often discussed on the time of its launch because of its enormous box workplace failings but a very strong contingent of fanatics sprang up and has most effective continued to develop. that is partially because there’s really quite loads to unpack in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.


clash Of The Titans (2010)

Sam Worthington in conflict of the Titans

Louis Leterrier's update of the 1981 classic authentic can not truly examine to that specific Ray Harryhausen peculiarity with its current-day consequences but is in no way no longer a zany motion-adventure in its own right.

A terrific forged maintains this spectacle-packed monster mash of Greek mythology satisfyingly slick and it remains one in every of closest movie reviews to the early God of war games that you can discover, with its 2012 sequel even containing a familiar-feeling father/son dynamic for enthusiasts of the 2018 entry in the God of war collection.


Conan The Barbarian (1982)

Conan the Barbarian, its 1984 sequel Conan the Destroyer and (albeit to a lesser quantity) its 2011 remake, must all be of interest to a God of conflict fan however John Milius' original is with the aid of a ways the maximum enjoyable.

Contradictory to what Terminator fanatics will regularly let you know, the function became definitely Arnold Schwarzenegger's first main breakthrough in films and he brings Robert E. Howard's recreation-changing delusion global to existence in a way that few actors ever should. Will fans ever see that 1/3 part to spherical out the trilogy? allow's desire so.


Solomon Kane (2009)

every other adaptation of a much lesser-recognized Robert E. Howard character, Solomon Kane is a distinctly bold, and even extra fantastically well-done, myth adventure epic.

A wonderful forged, neatly applied results, fabulous sets, and often amazing cinematography elevate James Purefoy's flip as the titular supernatural slayer into a should-see for fans of myth movement movies.


Immortals (2011)

Director Tarsem Singh is widely known for his stunning-but-nightmarish movies and this amalgam of Greek myths is no unique. As oversimplified as ‘conflict of the Titans on acid’ may additionally sound, that without a doubt is the fine way to describe it.

A pre-Superman Henry Cavill steps into the sandals of the hero Theseus and should forestall Mickey Rourke’s barbaric King Hyperion from freeing the Titans imprisoned in the depths of Mount Tartarus in this brutal and beguiling epic.


Gladiator (2000)

Ridley Scott's Oscar-prevailing Roman-technology epic rejuvenated a lifeless style in a way that has but to be rivaled. Russell Crowe's vengeful warrior additionally became an immediate display icon and a everlasting pillar of heroic characterization.

it can no longer incorporate any delusion elements however Crowe's commanding overall performance and Hans Zimmer's rousing score make Gladiator worthy sufficient for even the maximum discerning God of battle fan.


three hundred (2006)

inside the pantheon of massive, shouty, movement heroes with a sword and an unquenchable bloodlust, Gerard Butler's King Leonidas cannot be left out. actually. he's too loud.

Zack Snyder's adaptation of Frank Miller's comedian series makes up for historical fallacy with unbridled stylistic madness for a retelling of a legend that, itself, feels mythical.


Gods Of Egypt (2016)

A decade after 300, Gerard Butler once again grabbed his sword and sandals for the extensively much less cherished, but equally ridiculous and wonderful, Gods of Egypt.

historical accuracy is, another time, of no interest but turned into felt a little more strongly way to the tone-deafness of the casting. however the movie goes to date overboard in the whole lot that it does that no one should mistake its outrageous set portions for whatever near reality.


Warcraft (2016)

although saddled with the awkwardness that so regularly comes connected to video-game-to-movie variations, Duncan Jones' Warcraft is a lovingly-made movie that injects a ways extra element and emotion into its story than it can have completed beneath a lesser director.

story for the battle in opposition to Orcs and people inside the fictional Azeroth is in the long run a tragedy however it usually recalls to maintain the swords and sorcery flying.


Beowulf (2007)

Robert Zemeckis' pioneering motion-capture variation of the titular epic poem is, at the same time as definitely complete of the flaws that accompany an vital technology nonetheless in its infancy, the most done movie version of the conventional story but.

Ray Winstone gets his Kratos on in this bombastic however frequently-great epic that not handiest continues some of the tale's weirdest factors intact however puts them the front and middle in one of the most memorably bizarre Hollywood blockbusters ever made.

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