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20 words you never knew you can't spell

Hey guys. Today we are taking a look at something very basic and essential. Although some words appear easy, most people don't actually know how to spell them correctly. 

About 80% of people when asked to spell these words will spell it in a wrong way. The frequency at which these wrong spelling are used tend to make other people believe these are the correct spellings. So we are going to be highlighting some of these words with both their wrong spellings and correct spellings. This promises to be fun. Let's get started.

1. Wrong; Occassion

  Correct; Occasion

2. Wrong; Decieve

  Correct; Deceive 

3. Wrong; Writting

  Correct; Writing 

4. Wrong; Prospone 

  Correct; Postpone 

5 Wrong; Grammer

  Correct; Grammar

6. Wrong; Fourty

  Correct; Forty 

7. Wrong; Illitrate

  Correct; Illiterate 

8. Wrong; Arguement 

  Correct; Argument

9. Wrong; Brazizer

  Correct; Brassiere

10. Wrong;Treck

  Correct; Trek

11. Wrong; Marter

  Correct; Martyr

12. Wrong; Sturborn

  Correct; Stubborn 

13. Wrong; Enimity

  Correct; Enmity 

14. Wrong; Sergent

  Correct; Sergeant

15. Wrong; Alchohol 

  Correct; Alcohol 

16. Wrong; Portable water

  Correct; Potable water

17. Wrong; Intresting

  Correct; Interesting 

18. Wrong; Ommission

  Correct; Omission 

19. Wrong; Equiped

  Correct;  Equipped 

20. Wrong; Garantee

  Correct;  Guarantee

That's the much we can take for now. I'm sure you were suprised at some of the correct spellings. You should check them out in a dictionary for clarification. Please suscribe for more updates. You can also like , share your thoughts and share.

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Decieve Grammer


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