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6 Strategies I Discovered And Applied That Made My Article Perform Well With Good Clicks (Details)

Good day my fellow opera news family. If you click this article I believe that you're a hub creator, but incase you are not I also welcome you and hope you learn from this write up and enjoy your reading as well.

I joined opera news hub on June 2020,although I have been a reader for two years before I discovered how to publish articles on the platform. Opera news being a friendly and flexible writing platform gave most of its creators the free space and guidelines - needed for writers to write quality and original contents with their (AI) bots in check to ensure creators follow their rules and standards.

Of course every organization has its own ups and downs, sometimes they make laws that workers would find hard to adapt and adjust to which will likely bring up frustration and critics from the members. Opera news is not left out on this. Despite their continuous efforts to ensure convenient and flexible writing environment for their creators, writers still complain on how their articles yield low performance and very poor payment.

In a bide to create sincere and strick interface for writers to see that their performance and reject is not influenced by individuals or the platform they introduced the "Credit Score System," - whereby every hub creator will have an initial point of 100 scores and deduction of 5 or 10 points will be removed from score each time writer violate a rule, points to be deducted is determined by the height of the violation. Yet writers didn't find it funny at all, the credit score feature had to be suspended after numerous complaints from the creators.

I was glad that they suspended the credit score, if not I wouldn't have pulled this great breakthrough I did with one of my article. But to be honest I learnt a lot from the credit score feature, today I'm a better writer because of the consciousness I had for the system so it made me spend more time in writing my articles and never to copy from sites.

I made a post on Sunday afternoon and the way it pulled crowds took me by surprise then I studied the post well to know what made it different from others for it to stand out the way it did, although the post was initially rejected and the absence of the credit score made it possible for me to remove what made it to get rejected and then republish. I was able to discover certain strategies and techniques that made it stand out. Of course I will love to share it with other creators.

The things I observed were:



3. Category




This six things made the post perform well and if you apply them well on any post believe me the article will certainly do well.


If you use a quality image; apart from the fact that it will attract viewers eyes and make them click to view it properly it will also make the platform approve the post faster given that the body of your article does not contain anything that is against the platform rules. It will also boost your reaches because the more people click on it is the more the platform show it to more people.


People usually get confused and sometimes blame the time their article get approved for the poor performance of their articles but that's not the case. I found out that whenever I post, being it in the morning, afternoon or evening my clicks usually increase with more viewers once I wake in the morning - meaning that even around 3 people still stay online to read opera news. So don't bother about time you publish instead bother more on how to write quality contents.


If you post the right article for the wrong people it won't perform well, the forum knew that choice differs and they created different sections ranging from entertainment to politics. Endeavor to always write for the interest of the section you wish to post on. Don't just post to any section if you do so, your article won't only return low outcome but you will also break the orderliness of the platform.


To be frank with you this one is the most important thing, this will determine the performance of your articles. Get them curious, let them try to know more. You can only achieve this with the image (thumbnail) and title, use a catchy image that will get people's mind wondering, use a title that will come in a 'question' form or weird.


1. Use a title that corresponds with your content

2. Use a title that briefly explains the body of your write up and gives an insight of what the reader is about to know once he or she clicks the article.Write a quality content, write a quality content... The platform has been ringing this particular one to all the creators, you can't copy someone else work and post it then expect applause and huge payment for violating copyrights.


Low quality articles won't only get rejected but will seriously affect the payment of the ones you've published. Even if you copy just a paragraph and then add yours it's still the same and the platform will know. Quality articles won't only fetch you good income but will also get you rewarded by the platform for publishing quality contents.

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Content created and supplied by: Pidginreporter (via Opera News )

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