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Bad Boy's 4 Story: The Fate Of AMMO and Armando

So far, Bad Boys for Life has received mostly positive reviews which makes a sequel, definitely possible. Given the production timetable of Bad Boys for Life, it's safe to reason that Bad Boys 4 will release by early 2022 or 2023. Plus, there's already a setup story for Bad Boys 4, so the release date shouldn't exceed the aforementioned.Seeing the tragic end of AMMO and Armando's imprisonment. Fans are left to wonder.

What's AMMO's future in Bad Boys 4?

In Bad Boys for Life, we see that AMMO was shut down at one point in the film, but with Rita as the new police captain, it makes sense that she'll be making moves to reestablish AMMO. But as the new captain, it may be difficult for her to run AMMO like before and since Mike later developed a liking to the team, they may put him in charge of AMMO in the sequel.

What about Mike's son, Armando?

In the end-credit scene, the film teases Armando playing a role in Bad Boys 4. Although, we were intentionally not given details, Mike comes to Armando with an undisclosed proposition. Whatever the case, this "opportunity" will clearly help him get out of jail faster than issued.

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