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Internet Slang Terms And Acronyms You Might Not Know

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Slangs are commonly use on social media platform, to chat, and to hide what others shouldn't know.

Many of us are addicted to using social media, but no matter how long we've been using it, there are strange words or slangs that we will see that will make us a novice entirely.

So, we need to know the abbreviation of this slangs , so that we may also belong to the game.

Here are internet Slang words and their meaning:

- IMHO ( In my humble opinion)

- BRB ( Be right back)

- ASAP ( As soon as possible)

- GOAT ( Greatest of all time)

- TIDR ( Too long, didn't read)

- SLR ( Sorry, late reply)

- IDEC ( I don't even care)

- SMH ( Shaking my head)

- WYS ( What you saying)

- ICLWY ( I can't live without you)

- HAY (How are you)

- DM ( Direct message)

- PM ( Private message)

- WBU ( What about you)

- HBU ( How about you)

- PS ( Post Scriptum)

- NSFL ( Not safe for life)

- BBIAB ( Be back in a bit)

- BTW ( By the way)

- ROFL ( Rolling on the roof laughing)

- AFK ( Away from Keyboard)

- SBYG ( Smile before you go)

- WYD ( What you doing)

- WYS ( What you saying)

- OMW (On my way)

- OYO ( On your own)

- YOLO ( You only live once)

- TBT ( Throwback Thursday)

XOXO ( Hugs and Kisses)

- EOM ( End of message)

- ICYMI ( In case you missed it)

The best thing we can do so as to not be a "Jonny Just Come" on social media is to be familiar with the terms people used.

Take a deep read and have a nice time.

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