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Three Problems You Will Face Before Becoming Successful.

Success to many people has different definitions. Some people tagged it as making money, some might say it's being famous while some thinks it's holding a reputable power position in the society.

To Me, Success is achieving the best your heart has ever dreamed of and you are still fighting for more.

To be a man they say is not a day's job. It's more of a life long adventure that only end the moment you stopped trying.

There is just a minute different between "Ordinary" and "Extraordinary". It's just that extra effort you put. PERSISTENT is and always be the key to making it to the top.

There are three set of people you will ever know.

*Those that want to see how you make it.

*Those that never want you to make it.

*Those that will actually help you make it.

The first category are actually among those you count as friends and enemies. Some might be your friend and will want to know how you make it so he/she can imitate you, you might later become rival over time. The enemies that wants to see how you make it are potentially harmless. It just happened that they have completely underestimate you and has thought you will never make it.

The second category are also among your friends and enemy. The kind of friends will act like they really cared but will only want to know your next move while they plan to counter you secretly so it won't be successful. They are the worst people you will ever meet. Enemies that didn't want you to make it are those I can call the " Village people". The only way you can avoid them is through prayer.

The third categories are your own die-hard fans and will do anything to see you at the top.

In the long run of becoming great In life, you will encounter a lot of problems and hardship but to wield through all weather will make you the OVERCOMER.

Here are the three major problems you encounter.




1. Social Hardship.

Your day-to-day relationship with people you know and you don't know might greatly alter how successful you will be. Follow the quote which says "Roll with losers and be a loser, relate with achievers and be an achiever." If your behavior with the society is bad or you are always publicly termed with negativity, for you to make it might be resolutely difficult. To expect good is to be good.

Social hardship might also be termed Alongside the people you choose as friends and enemies. This also include your parents role models and life partner. To be successful is not and will never be the work of one brain and it takes just one piece of advice to be successful or not. To sort this out, you will have to be careful in the set of people you relate with. Birds of the same feather flocks together.

2. Mistakes

This is a lifelong companion in your quest of becoming successful in life. To be great will also means to make more mistakes, this would be your best teacher and so the most irritating companion you will ever know. Mistakes will always want you to give up and stop trying. For you to overcome it is just to use your cognitive domain logically so as to make amendments for your future expedition.

The worst aspect where we as humans make mistakes is in decision and under estimation.

Decision you make might be your ladder to success and might also be how tall your ladder will be and vice-versa.

Underestimating is a wrecking defect and it denies you the ability to identify opportunities and even worse how to make use of it. "Opportunity comes but Once" Is a quote for people who underestimate situation and can't recognize opportunities, an intellectual individual will see opportunities out of every little thing and that makes them the Successful one.

Your success will be determined by how effective you can make use of your opportunities and in this, you are prone to mistakes- it's up to you to learn.

3. Will power

For mistakes to teach you, you will have to be strong willed as only those with hard determination learns from mistakes. This is where most people fall out and give up. You can achieve anything and everything only if you believe. To believe in the sense that you channel all your dreams into your vision and it manipulate you into working harder for your goals.

If you can come over all these and didn't let depression, frustration and anxiety deter you, surely your greatness is unavoidable.

To round this up, I also share with you an inspirational quote from Ruyald Kipling which goes thus:

"If you can keep your head when other lose theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when others doubt you and make allowance for their doubting too.

If you can wait and not being tired of waiting. Or being lied upon don't deal in lies.

Or being hated don't give way to hating. And yet don't look too good not talk too wise.

If you can dream and not make dream your master.

If you can think and not make thought your aim.

If you can meet with triumph and disaster.. And treat these two imposters just the same.

If you can bear the truth you have spoken. Twisted by knaves to set traps for fools. Or watch the things you have your life to broken. And you stoop to build them with worn out tools.

If you can make one heap of all your winnings. And risk it in a turn of pitch and toss. And lose and start at your beginning and never breathe a word about your loss.

If neither friends not does could hurt you. If all friends count with you but none too much. If you can talk with crowd and keep your virtue. If you can walk with king nor lose the common touch.

If you can fill the unforgiving minutes with sixth seconds worth of distance run.

Yours is the earth and everything in it- and which is more, you will be a man. My child. "

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