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See Pictures Of The 8 Scariest Creatures In The World

The world today is full of great wonders and mysterious creatures that we do not even know about, some are still being discovered now and more are still yet to be discovered.

These creatures look very scary at first site owing to the fact that people are not familiar with them.

Now here Is a list of the 8 most scariest creatures:

1. Aye-aye

These rare creatures with wide eyes are found only in Madagascar which is located in Africa.

2. Star-Nosed Mole creature

This mole is a creature which is nearly blind, but that creepy looking tentacle makes up for it by providing an excellent sense of touch, but I wouldn't want to touch those if I were you. 

3. Gharial

This creature is among one of the largest of the crocodiles family and its long snout is filled with razor-sharp teeth very scary.

4. Lamprey

Photo by monkeypuzzle via Flickr

Lamprey are long, eel-like fish creatures that can suck blood, mind the way you dive into rivers and pools. 

5. Goblin Shark

Photo by Hungarian Snow via Flickr

This shark is very rarely seen as it lives deep in the ocean. 

6. Hairy Frogfish 

This creature is known as a species of anglerfish and is supposedly a master of disguise.

7. Tube-nosed bat

The Red eyes and an odd-looking nose combine to make this bat look extra strange and scary.

8. Northern

Now I think this is the scariest of them all this fish usually burrows into the sand, leaving just its creepy face visible. 

Let us know which one is the scariest out of these 8 creatures.

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