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{Latest} The best android games of all time in Android phones

There are many different kinds of games in the Play Store, so we’ve picked a good mix of categories that includes first-person shooters, role-playing games, platformers, racing games, puzzlers, strategy games, and more. There should be something here to suit everyone

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the biggest FPS franchises around comes to mobile with a game deliberately designed for touchscreen firefights. If you love your shooter action, then this is a must on your Android phone. It’s free, features a bunch of multiplayer modes, including Battle Royale, and you’ll find some familiar classic maps and characters from other Call of Duty games. You can customize loadouts, get ranked, win prizes, and more. But more important than all of that is the fast, frenetic, satisfying gameplay and the great graphics which combine to make this the best mobile shooter around right now.


There aren’t enough in-depth strategy games in the Play Store, so the arrival of a redesigned Tropico title is worth celebrating. Cast in the role of El Presidente, you must modernize your Caribbean island and see if you can line your own pockets along the way. You decide on an approach, from ruling with an iron fist as a military dictator to creating a tourist haven beyond compare to leading your people through a glorious industrial revolution that raises living standards for all. This unique mix of building sim and political strategy is a lot of fun and has been tailored for mobile play.

Mini Metro Can you create a working subway system for a city as it expands? This stylish, strangely soothing puzzle game seems simple at first, charging you with drawing lines between stations to keep everything connected. But random city growth soon throws up obstacles and you’ll unlock new trains, carriages, track, tunnels, and other upgrades to help you build out a great metro network. There are 20 different cities to play, each with a slightly different feel and unique challenge presented by the local river system. There are a few different modes and you can compete against other players in daily challenges which keeps you coming back.

The Room: Old Sins

This is the fourth entry in the creepy puzzle series The Room and it’s a game all puzzle fans should grab. The plot concerns the disappearance of a couple from Waldegrave Manor, and there’s a detailed dollhouse in the attic that serves as a challenging and intriguing puzzle box. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played previous titles in the series, because it’s easy to get to grips with the clever touch controls as you explore intricate environments and manipulate the objects within to uncover hidden mechanisms that enable you to progress. It’s a beautiful game with a score that adds some atmosphere and a twisty plot that gradually comes into focus as you work your way through the puzzles.

Hades’ Star

If you’re looking for a space strategy game with an expansive universe this could be the one for you. In Hades’ Star, you’ll colonize planets, construct a fleet of spaceships, open trade routes, mine resources, research new technologies, and explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. You’ll also come up against hostile alien races. The multiplayer modes allow you to work together with others to complete tricky missions, establish diplomatic relations, and even band together into Corporations, but the PvP stuff is all optional. It’s a little slow and there’s inevitably some grinding, but this is one of the best sci-fi-themed RTS games in the Play Store.

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