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5 Sings To Identify A Girl With HIV

Good day ladies and gentlemen in this article I will be writing on 5 sings to identify a girl with HIV.

1. Skin rashes

Rashes is one of the symptoms is HIV. In the event rash suddenly full your body it is a prove to go and have a test

2. Swollen organs

This is one of the primary sing of HIV, swollen organ

3 Fever and Night Sweat

Individual with HIV have the temperature of 99.8 F (33.7C) and 100.8 F (38.2C) is viewed as a second rate fever. The body build up fever ones the system is not good.

4 Menstrual Discharge

Ladies with HIV may easily have changes in their menstrual cycle, it may come lighter this month and the upper one heavier

5 . Pelvic Incendiary sickness

This is a disease of uterus and Fallopian cylinder Known as POD

Note HIV is deadly disease resist form any thing that will lead you to it

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F Fallopian Fever Pelvic Rashes


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