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Eating late at Night is Bad, But If You Must, Here are 3 Foods You should Avoid

Eating late at night is one habit that has become really rampant in the lives of most people around the world. Some people have control over this habit but some don't because of their work hours or multiple activities during the day.

Many might be thinking how does the time when you eat your food affect your health?

Well it doesn't actually, according to, these are some of the reasons why they advice you shouldn't eat at night.

1. People who eat late at night have fewer options when it comes to the right diet. As they will tend to lay their hands on anything they see and eat.

2. People tend to be more hungry at night than other times of the day. Therefore causing them to consume more calories.

3. They don't really have a choice of food. When coming back at night, you will have no other choice than to eat any food you see around your house.

As much as you have fewer options, these are types of foods that you Shouldn't eat at night

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is not generally a bad food for the body as research shows that taking a little bit of alcohol is good for the body. But excess intake of it could be detrimental to the body.

Research has shown that taking alcohol at night has proven to have a lot of side effects on the body. Though it might lead to sleepiness, it will make you feel uncomfortable, snore and also feel a slight headache in the morning.

Generally it is said to have a negative effect on your sleep affecting the quality of sleep you get that night.

2. Junk Foods

Junk Foods are another type of food that is generally bad for the body even in the day. Taking excess of junk foods during the day could lead to Diabetes, high blood pressure or even heart diseases.

But the risk of these diseases becomes more obvious as you will consume more calories at night and your risk of Obesity is increased.

3. Drinks that contain caffeine

Caffeine is not too good when taken in excess but it is not bad as well. Taking a little of caffeine during the day brights you up and keeps you strong and active.

It reduces your chances of getting a quality sleep or even getting sleep at all in some people. The effect of caffeine in the body differ as it affects some more and doesn't in others. The amount or quantity you took also matter a lot.

But generally it is recommended that you avoid intake of any caffeinated drink.

According to, here are other Healthy food options you should consider

1. Whole grains such as Brown rice or wheat

2. Oat meal

Which has been proven to promote sleep and contains less sugar and calories. It is also readily available in different Nigerian markets.

3. Greek Yogurt

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