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Do You Know Where You Belong When It Comes To Body Type?

People are born with unique body types which physiologically are known as somatotypes.

Every human being is classified under three body types which are known as Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph..

1. Endomorph 

These are the fat people, infact these kind of individuals do not need any introduction, uou can identify through spot diagnosis, a little food and you see them blooming like genetic modified chickens. 

2. Mesomorph

Very unique set of individuals that are not over weight and are not under weight, infact feed them with whatever kind of feed to boost their adipose tissues, they will still be who they are. 

3. Ectomorph

They are lean, long and with little body fat with less muscles. Mostly fashion models and some basketball players fit these categories. Broad chest is seen among the men, they too, do not get fat easily, feed them and they will still remain the same.

Where do you fall under the body types? 

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