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Check out health Benefit of Bitter leaf

Bitter leaf is no doubt a God given gift to humanity that have a very crucial effect on our health. Bitter leaf is a homely plant that grows and flourishes everywhere. Bitter leaf as the name implies have a very bitter taste so due to its bitter nature, lot of ignorant people tends to avoid it not knowing that a friend to the mouth e. g(Sugar) is d enemy to the body while the enemy to the mouth e. g bitter leaf is a friend to the body, rather our health. Vernonia Amydalina popularly known as bitter leaf, the Yorubas refers to it as Ewuro, the igbos refers to it as Onugbu, the Hausas refers to it as Shiwaka. Due to its highly medicinal value this plant possesses, the Yorubas have this special eulogy for it which is "Ewuro lagba Igi, gbogbo igi ejugba fun Ewuro". This means Bitter leaf is the greatest of all plant, and all plant should bow down to its greatest majesty.

You might ask that what makes it really the greatest, thing is the nutritional value of it is actually very high as study revaleals that Bitter leaf contains high protein of about 33.33%, Fats of approximately 10.1%, Crude fibre of about 29.2%, Ash of about 11.7%, Minerals (Mg, Na, K, Ca, Zn and Fe) and phytate contains 1015.4mg/100g, Tannin of about 0.6% content. It also contains low cynanide of about 1.1mg/kg, it also contains Natural Quinine and B carotene.

Bitter leaf infect cannot be over emphasized as it works effectively for the following :

1. It cures Insomnia (sleeplessness) dosage is 2 glasses of bitterleaf juice every night

2. Bitter leaf detoxify the whole body and also it helps in the building /boosting of the immune system and once the immune system is boosted it will be very hard to fall ill.

3.It helps in curing of Malaria due to the presence of Natural quinine in it.

4.Bitter leave helps in the treatment of Hepatitis B

5.It cures intestinal parasitic infections such as colonic infection also cures Cough and its used for the treatment of skin aliment such as pimples, ringworm, eczema e. t. c.

7.Drinking of vernonia amydalina helps in curing stomach ache there by giving instant relief ;it also reduces indigestion.

8. Bitter leaf helps in curing of prostrate cancer (Prostrate cancer is common now a days among men) Bitter leaf increases the flow of urination thereby reducing pains. It also helps to regulate d spread of the cancerous cell.

9.Bitter leaf increases milk production in lactating mothers (breastfeeding mothers) it is used for the contraction of d Uterus during labour, in a nut shell bitter leaf induces labour.

10.Bitter leaf cures memory loss.Interesting right? Yeah i know!!

11. It cures Sexually transmitted Infection

12.Its interesting how bitter leaf allows women to stay active, agile, young and healthy for a longer period because it helps in the synthesis of women hormones.

13.Bitter leaf improves appetite!

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