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3 Foods That Can Help Make Your Bones Stronger As You Grow Older

As I always say, growing old is a glorious thing to experience but it comes with its own responsibility and challenges. One of the major issues people face during old age is weak bones which is characterized by pains and aches.

Diet or the food you eat as you grow old, especially when you grow above 40 years is an important determinant of your bone health and strength. I will share some ideal foods to eat during old age to help make your bones stronger and healthier.

The bone is basically composed of calcium and a kind of protein called collagen. These two substances are important determinant of the health of your bones. They form the structural framework of your bones and if for any reason(s) they diminish your bones, you bones will become weaker.

Naturally, as you grow old the collagen and calcium content of your bones usually depletes slowly which is one of the reasons why people begin complain of symptoms that are consistent with weak bones.

One way to tackle this almost unavoidable outcome of old age is to consume foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin D and protein to help replenish the calcium content of your bones.

1. Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, green leaf, water leaf etcetera. They all contain a good level of calcium, potassium and vitamin D which are all vital minerals for maintaining strong bones.

You can eat this food as salad, or use them to make soups. Either way, they are healthy.

2. Fish. This can be catfish or any other fish available. Fish also contains a good level of calcium which can help boost your calcium level to help keep your bones strong and even make it stronger as you age.

3. White meat such as chicken or turkey. You can eat other meats like goat meat but you must try to keep it at a minimal level. Meats contains calcium, and is also a good source of protein which are necessary for healthy and strong bones.

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