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Hearing Loss: Causes, complications, and how to deal with it

As one grows older, hearing loss might be one of the problems that one might encounter. Research has reported that the ratio of being above 75 years has hearing loss is quite high. 

We have about 3 types of an ear problems:

The first is conductive and normally occurs on the outer or middle ear.

The second is sensorineural which normally involve a person's inner part of the ear

The third one is the combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing problems

Causes of hearing loss can include old age, adulthood, and even constant exposure to a very noisy environment or too loud noises. Hearing loss is a condition that can not only affect your daily life but also affect how you interact or deal with others.

Some other contributing factors will include excessive earwax which if left untreated can cause one to have a temporal decrease in hearing ability or the ability to recognize sounds and this will affect your communication with others as well as your loved ones.

Earwax can cause a blockage to your ear canal which will affect or hinder the conduction of waves that you normally receive from your environment. Prevention of this is by properly removing this wax from your ear and maintaining cleanliness in your ears.

It is very important that you always consult your doctor whenever you notice a loss of hearing which normally starts from one ear. Tell him/her how the hearing loss started, if there's any irritability or pain, and how often you normally experience it.

For elderly people, their own hearing loss is often age-related, it normally starts gradually and may go unnoticed at the onset of the issue. Normally, complications will arise when the person clocks 60 or above and some of them include the loss of hearing, eyesight problems, hypertension, cancer among others. Always make sure to treat your health well.

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Various Things That Can Cause Hearing Loss:

An ear infection has been reported as the number one culprits in hearing loss, if you normally clean your ears with unhygienic things or materials, you may be playing with an ear infection and have to stop. If you notice this, quickly consult your doctor to avoid any serious complications.

Another thing that can cause major hearing loss is a damaged inner ear or even ruptured eardrums. Always being exposed to loud noises will eventually cause wear and tear to your ear nerve's cell. Some electrical signals are not transmitted efficiently thereby leading to hearing loss.

If you are always exposed to noise or loud blasts of music, you are prone to suffering from complications to the inner ear or even a ruptured eardrum. Some over-the-counter drugs can help with this but it is always advisable that you visit a hospital to get what the proper treatment is.

Also, your genetic makeup can also be a source of hearing problems for you. Some medical conditions are hereditary. If you notice that people in your family always have hearing loss, it is advisable for you to start treating and taking care of your ears early. Observe healthy and proper care of them and always make efforts to visit a doctor to always check your ear.

Complications That Comes With A Hearing Loss In Someone's Life:

All medical issues have the ability to adversely affect your life and the quality of your health. Research has also reported that older people who are suffering from hearing loss may experience depression and anxiety attacks.

Ear problems can also affect a person's social and personal life because it will always be hard for the person to understand a conversation.

Again, based on research, people with hearing loss tend to isolate themselves from friends and family as they don't want to be a burden

Hence, it is always very important for people who are experiencing early signs of hearing loss to seek medical help immediately to avoid it getting worse.

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