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What Happens To You If You Get Massaged A Day After Liposuction?

Many people who rated liposuction say you feel better, you look like Queen of the show models on all attire because cloth fit better

after liposuction.

They say you get a steady rush of confidence and even feel younger.

A lot more says it pumped them to effortlessly kickstart a healthy lifestyle and feel more fit after recovery.

However certain issues could result in damages, Skin inflammation, scarring, and long time healing during recovery says a veteran plastic surgeon.

The media is perhaps using marketing science to influence people into buying their products or services.

They do this by confusing massage and lymphatic drainage massage 

A patient who had lipo explained her experience of the massage she had few days after lipo

She describes that it felt like an intense muscle tussle  

It makes you want to jump off the table

It's like correcting a dislocated bone without blocking the pain.

Off cause there is hardly a way spar would relieve the " after-lipo sore sensation" on perhaps your abdomen before touching or stroking it.

Imagine having your arm cooked by hot boiling water, then you try to massage it… 

I say gold luck to having a colored patched skin

You do not massage a day...2...3..or 4 days after liposuction.

It's not a way of relaxing or rewarding yourself for the new bikini body.

However, if originally you can't live without massage before you had lipo.

you may want to massage if you don't feel any pain or discomfort. Probably a week after… if the pain is absolutely bearable.

Diving into massage when your tender re-shapeable sore skin is still recovering from the heat of lipo molding….is 5 times prone to damage and tearing of your skin

It's highly advised that you consider your sensation level


This will guide you from taking unnecessary actions that may result in a longer healing time that leaves you wondering in regret plus the ugly scar that follows

You can have a lymphatic Drainage massage a day after your liposuction

Lymphatic drainage massage is totally different from the kind of massage most people are confused with.

The aim of lymphatic drainage massage is to 

⭕Expel build-up of fluid under the skin

⭕Remove waste and toxic

⭕Prevent swelling after the surgery.

⭕While turbocharging the time it takes to recover.

Lymphatic drainage massage is just one of the ways to flush out excess fluid bags after lipo.

Most people may not even retain fluids on the treated areas, the result varies 

And that is because some people urinated most of the fluid out, sometimes a few shot of certain injection will help them milk out more urine to the last 

A saying goes that " one Kidney is smarter than four Doctors"

Absolutely no need to look for massage in this case, since your body is doing a nice job for you.

However, if you find yourself with a pouch of water below your abdomen and back after lipo 

or maybe you're feeling a tugging pain below your abdomen after liposuction, just know it's normal 

And this can be resolved if your compression garment has not done a perfect job.

The compression garment is meant to hug-tight the entire treated area

 By slightly squeezing your body, it closes the now empty space where occupied fat was harvested from.

When a favorable body-hug pressure is applied by your compression garment 

Not only does it reshape your body into eye-popping curves…

But it also 

  • Force out fluid 
  • And prevent your from swelling 
  • While reducing the recovery time 

What do you do if you still retain fluids?

Before liposuction, about 4-6 liters of pain control fluids are infiltrating under your skin,(depending on the number of surface areas agreed to be treated) 

It's called tumescent fluid.

This fluid 

  • Blow up the fat bubbles and prepare them to be sucked out like a cracked egg
  • Press-down blood vessels, so little or no amount of blood is lost for high-speed recovery time, resulting in no blood transfusion or what so ever
  • Block all necessary pain sensation so fat aspiration feels like having a massage☺️ 

Some of the pain control fluids may not be sucked out by the liposuction cannula

The pain control fluid, sometimes mix with your body fluid, combined with the blood from dislodged vessels and lymphatic capillaries 

There are other neighbors in the community were fat bubbles were taking out.

This community member under your skin including fat, all survives by the water you drink and the food you eat

This water makes up about 40% of the total water in the body, adding to your total body weight

One of the groups of community members that may sustain a slight injury during fat removal operation is your lymphatic capillary

This guy manages the fluids in the community, it ensures that fat and other community members are not lacking clean and refreshing water to drink and survive

When few of this water manager is traumatized, along with the total destruction of the fat colony

Water is flooded into the vacant community, rather than controlled 

That is more water to replace the empty room where fat and his friends used to live in

Then your body starts swelling and storing more fluids, including the blood of the injured members living with uncle fat

However, the water managers (lymphatic capillary) are blessed with resurrecting powers and they begin work again in a few weeks.

But before then, lymphatic drainage massage can be helpful to put your body on the fast lane of recovery.

When on admission, the trained personnel will inspect for the pool of fluid 

Then gently push them out through the lipo opening

Much draining may not be required as this can cause patients to feel dizzy due to fluid imbalance.

Sometimes patients may attempt hydration during this process to balance you from falling off.

Here are the few experiences had with their body after liposuction 

The real issue is not the amount of massage you're insisting to receive 

But whether a more skin-friendly approach is applied by your Dr to ensure 

Quick recovery and minimal skin injury  

Content created and supplied by: CurvyBodyGuide (via Opera News )



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