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One Medical Condition That Causes Frequent Urination Especially In Men

Frequent urination is simply a state whereby a person has the urge to use the rest room often. It can be discomforting and can be caused by a whole lot of things.

Apart from having any underlying illnesses, frequent urination can be as a result of taking too much liquid substances.

However, there are cases where it has to do with some ailments which we may not be aware of. This article hereby, discusses a medical condition that can cause frequent urination and we are taking men as the case study here.

What we have on the list is a disease known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH): This is a disease which attacks the Prostrate glands in men. We may know that every man has these glands which help in seminal fluid secretion.

Prostrate disease usually affects men as they advance in age especially, when they are above 50 years. However, this disease is one of the major causes of frequent urination because, it has to do with the bladder where urine is stored.

The link below from mayo clinic has more to say on this:

Moreso, a person with this disease may have the following symptoms like nocturia (urinating often at night), urgent need to use the rest room at all times, inability to pass urine sometimes, swollen Prostrate, blood in the urine etc.

However, when these symptoms are not treated quickly, it can lead to other damages like kidney problems, bladder damages, urethra dysfunction and others.As a man, you are advised to see a doctor as soon as possible immediately you notice any unusual changes in the Prostrate region. Early detection and management can go a long way to save some other serious health damages.

In conclusion, it is advisable for men to live a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid this disease. Including plenty vegetables and fruits to your diets will help a lot because of the nutrients which are packed in them.

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