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Get rid of unnecessary Fear of unknown and take a bold step to next level

What's going on our mind, what are you willing to do without fear of unknown. What is that no1 thing we think is constantly depriving us of failing forward!

When we fail, we auto stand-up and try again and again, and when the trying becomes too repeatedly, we should pause for a little while and go back to our chart and check what went wrong...

If humans was designed not to fail at all, there will be no innovation, no creativity and our reasoning faculty would have been very low, because there will be a great fear of failing and no one will be will to take the risk.

As we go through our daily lives, let be more careful whom we discuss our plans, vission or goals to hence they'll bring u down to the lowest level feeling comfortable with your present situation with so many good words to stop you from achieving those great things stuck in your mind. There's a saying that, we should "trust no one" yea! But we all still need someone to in one way or the other to complete some certain task.


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