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25 Important things you don’t know about your brain which you must know

25 important things you don’t know about your brain which you must know

1. Your brain isn’t fully developed until you complete puberty

2. The brain uses 15-20% of the blood supplies in other to feed the required amount of oxygen to your neurons

3. The human brain has enough electricity flowing through it to power a light bulb

4. The brain is made up of 60% fat cells

5. Children that experience family violence share the same brain activities as soldiers that fight in wars

6. During the early stages of prenatal development, neurons grow at a rate of 250,000 per minutes

7. The outer layer of the brain is thicker in those that suffer from migraines

8. The human brains has 100,000,000,000 neurons rattling around in the head 

9. The average person uses 100% of the brain

10. Not all brain damage is permanent

11. Alcohol does not do any permanent brain damage unless you are an alcoholic 

12. You can’t feel any pain in the brain. Head aqua is just an interpretation the brain gives in the head

13. Eating dark chocolate is good for the brain, it promotes the system that pump dopamine one of the most important brain chemicals

14. There is a 100,000 chemical reactions going on in humans brain every seconds

15. When you are dreaming your brain is just as active as when you are awake

16. Information can travel through the human brain at a speed of 420km per hour

17. If you diet too heavily it affects the brain

18. Pregnancy changes the woman brain in quite different ways

19. Scientist found out that the brain shrinks in the last stage of pregnancy

20. The human brain is more creative when it is tired

21. Brain tumors are 10% more likely to appear in men than women

22. The size of the human head as nothing to do with intelligence 

23. Men has larger brains than women, but women have more active cells and connectors making their brains more efficient

24. Yawning cools down the brain

25. Malty tasking the brain actually causes lower potential intelligence 

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