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How to Lose Belly Fat at Home In Just How to Lose Belly Fat at Home In Just a Week

Do you want to lose belly fat in one week?

I assure you that you won’t get 6 packs in one week, if you follow all the simple rules and strategies that we are going to talk about in this article you’ll lose more fat in the next seven days. I can promise you that this is the last guide you’re going to need in your life for losing belly fat.

This article consist of for parts which are;

(1). What you shouldn’t eat

Talking about what you shouldn’t eat it’s much easier to talk about types of food then just specific products. So here are the three type of foo that if you remove it from your diet you’ll see crazy fat lose from day one.

(i). Sugar – Juices, cakes, granola, coke. Whatever it’s if it taste sugar you should remove it from your diet.

(ii). Wheat flour – Biscuit, white bread, pizza, pancakes. No matter what it’s if it contains wheat flour you need to remove it from your diet.

(iii). Fast food – KFC, McDonalds, chips, hot-dogs. If food is made fast for consumption you don’t need it.

Next time you’re eating something check twice in order not to eat sugar, flour and fast food.

(2). What you should eat

These are certain food that you need to include in your diet in the process and aim of losing belly fat, the three types of food to include in your diet.

(i). Vegetables – Spinach, cabbage, broccoli, berries. Berries aren’t vegetables but you can add it to this category in this case.

(ii). Protein – Chicken, turkey, eggs, fish.

(iii). Health fat – Olive oil, avocado, peanuts, fish.

You’re to eat 3-4 meals per day that contains each of this type of food. One from vegetable one from protein and one from healthy fat. Example salad from spinach, chicken from protein and olive oil from healthy fat, or you can choose broccoli, fish and peanuts. There are a lot of options you can pick from the three types of food you should eat.

The question is; what about fruits?

You can only take one fruit per day it can be apple or banana, but you can only choose one fruit per day.

You can only take 50grams per day. 50grams of meal in the morning or lunch but only once per day, that will be enough for the calorie.

(3). Workout

These are certain exercise that don’t need any equipment or you don’t need to go the gym. You can do it peacefully at the comfort of your home. 

Below are the required 8 workout you should be doing:

(i). Running or walking

(ii). Elliptical trainer

(iii). Bicycling

(iv). The bicycle exercise

(v). The captain chair leg raise

(vi). Exercise ball crunch

(vii). Vertical left crunch

(viii). Reverse crunch

I’ll make a post about the 8 workout mentioned above, so follow this account in order to know their meaning and how to do them.

(4). Final advice

This is the last most important part of losing belly fat (exercise). I recommend you should sleep 7-8hrs every night, because if you’ve good sleep your body will be in good state to burn fat. 

If you don’t sleep 7-8hrs every night then you should forget about losing belly fat because when you don’t sleep well you’ll not be in the optimal condition to burn fat and build muscle. 

I was also a night guy, but right now I go to bed early and wake up early, you should also do same.

Now go kick hard build six pack and lose fat.

Like, comment and share it to anyone that want to lose fat instantly. Don’t forget to follow this account for problems solving contents.

Content created and supplied by: The_Negotiator (via Opera News )

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