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Brain Challenge: See If You Can Answer These Riddles Correctly

When last did you take a brain test? Especially during these lockdown where 70% of what you do is rest, eat, surf social media, repeat.

It is important to exercise the brain everyday so as to stand a lesser risk of dementia (memory loss and dysfunction)

Below are some questions to test how active your brain is. 10 questions and an average score of 5/10 would show that your brain is very much active and healthy.










Calculate your score with the answers below;

1. The Sun. The sun rays touches the earth and the sun is an inhabitant of the sky.

"But if i touch you, you'll surely die", scientifically every one knows no creature can serve on or near the sun; an important reason why the sun is a billion miles far from the earth.

2. Five animals.

A rabbit, two monkeys and 2 parrots were going towards the river.

3. Iceberg. Of course what else would smash a ship on the sea. Remember Titanic?

An iceberg is made up of ice and ice is from water, exposure to the sun would melt it to water.

4. Short- Shorter.

Short is a five lettered adjective used to classify objects and people according to heights. Adding the two letters "er" makes short- Shorter and an object the new word describes shorter e.g The man is short, his wife is shorter.

5. A joke.

6. Breath.

The faster you run, the harder it is to catch your breath.

7. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

8. Cat's shadow.

A cat's shadow looks like a cat, in reflection acts like a cat but it is just a mere shadow not a cat.

9. Dice. A dice that 1,2,3,4,5,6 dots(eyes), sum up is 21

10. A mailbox

M-A-I-L-B-O-X, just like your email is a box that contains several letters addressed or sent by you.


Let me know how many riddles you got in the comment box


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