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Common Habits That Damage Your Health Slowly

Healthy living is very precious, we should try as much as possible to be healthy. There are a lot of our daily routine that damage our health. So let's take a look at some of them.

5. Sitting cross legged.

Sitting cross legged is noticed to be part of people when lounging on a sofa. This posture compresses the vein and increases the blood pressure in significant amount. It also put undue stress on the hips and joint, resulting in joint pain and hip displacement.

4. Using mobile phones or computers too much.

We constantly keep blaring at the bright screen in our phones and laptop to connect to the Vast world of the internet. But these damages our body and mental health greatly.

While social media brings anxiety, bad influence etc, the harmful radiations of these device harm our health.

3. Too less or too much sleep.

Sleep is essential for healthy living.

On an average we need at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily to recharge and rejuvenate our body and mind.

Less sleep only leads to lethargy, sloppiness, fatigue and tiredness. Which later contributes to mental and health disorder. While sleeping too much result in stroke, heart disease, diabetes etc. So we need to balance our sleep.

2. Drinking too much alcohol.

It is well known that drinking of alcohol damages the liver. Although normal drinking is good for the body.

Heavy drinking also result in cancer, weight loss etc.

1. Sitting for long hours.

Most students and office workers are victims of this. Majority of them sit for more than 7 hours and these is very dangerous to their health. Sitting for long can cause obesity, increase in cholesterol level, diabetes, heart diseases. What infact it may lead to breast cancer, ovarian cancer in woman.

So it is advisable for you to take a break from sitting, any time you are in the office so as to counter the effect of it.

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