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Five Bad Habits You Need To Stop Immediately After Eating

Food is a very vital Substance that is needed for the utilization of the body for growth and development hence all living things depend on food, but many people after they have finished eating does some certain things which are referred to as bad habits just immediately they have finished eating, in this article some of those bad habits shall be highlighted and after that I urge you guys to stop them. Some of these bad habits are :

1. Exercise/workout:

At the point when you play out any thorough active work just in the wake of having the dinner, it really presses the stomach related framework and hinders the assimilation interaction. The division of blood away from stomach related organ is the explanation for it. An increment in blood stream may cause heaving, puffiness and free movements.

2. Drinking Cold Water:

We realize that drinking sufficient water is fundamental for legitimate assimilation, yet drinking chilled water just after a dinner may prompt clustering of food and defer the absorption cycle. Specialists propose drinking tepid or room temperature water following 45 minutes of a feast.

3. Sleeping Immediately After Eating:

This is one bad habit that many people do, immediately after eating, it is a very bad habit because sleeping immediately after eating tends to distort the effect digestion of our meal and it may eventually result to constipation, stomach upset and even stomach pain. You really need to stop it.

4. Running:

Running immediately after eating is very bad as it causes kidney and lungs related problems and it may eventually result to sneezing, many a times persons who runs after eating eventually breaks down and begin to complain about pains generating from their abdominal regions.

5. Drinking Alcohol:

It is quite better to drink alcohol about 20minute after eating, but drinking of Alcohol immediately after eating may Affects the functioning of the Intestine. Please do ensure you stop this bad habit.

Thanks for reading this article, if you have any suggested as to those bad habits pls drop your comments below.

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