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Symptoms Of Excess Calcium Intake In The Body That Should Not Be Ignored

Hypercalcemia is a medical condition characterized by abnormally high levels of calcium in the body. Individuals experiencing hypercalcemia often exhibit severe symptoms that, if neglected, can lead to complications. It is crucial not to overlook the presence of excessive calcium in the body, but how can one identify it?

In accordance with a publication by Mayo Clinic, this article will explore some symptoms associated with an excessive intake of calcium that should not be disregarded. Take a moment to delve into this article and gain new insights.

What are the Signs of Excessive Calcium in the Body?

1. Excessive calcium in the body can impede the kidneys' filtering function, resulting in increased thirst or frequent urination.

2. Additionally, an abundance of calcium in the body may manifest as stomach upset, nausea, and persistent constipation. Digestive issues are prevalent among individuals with excessive calcium levels.

3. According to healthline Hypercalcemia can lead to muscle weakness and skeletal problems. If you experience unusual muscle weakness or bone-related issues, it is advisable to evaluate your calcium intake.

4. Furthermore, it can induce heightened confusion, fatigue, and lethargy, as hypercalcemia interferes with the normal functioning of the brain.

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